Paula Weiman-Kelman


Paula Weiman-Kelman is an American-born, Jerusalem-based, documentary filmmaker.  She came to documentary filmmaking after tractor driving on Kibbutz Gezer and film archiving in the Jerusalem Cinematheque.  It was a way to combine her love of physical work and her desire to be a therapist with a passion for telling stories.

In 1993 Weiman-Kelman picked up a video camera and fell in love with documenting family and friends, but documentation was not enough; and the friends were not just friends – they were much beloved teachers and activists with unique visions.  She felt compelled to make something bigger that could impact society, something that could celebrate and agitate at once. 

In 2005 she co-founded “not-so-simple” productions with Jonathan Lopatin and traveled throughout Israel, the United States, and Poland, filming countless hours to produce complex mosaics with ensemble casts exploring contemporary Jewish adventures.  In 2015 she returned to singular portraits.

Weiman-Kelman’s solo shooting technique enables her to move into her subject’s lives.  In turn viewers are invited to share in the trust.  One film led to another, producing an uplifting body of work.

Noam Levy


Noam Levy is an Israeli born, Barcelona educated, video editor working in documentary and drama as well as commercials. His previous work includes award winning films “Picture of His Life”  (Yonatan Nir and Dani Menkin, 2019) and “Kosher Beach” (Karin Kainer, 2019) as well as his assistant editing in “Conventional Sins” (Anat Yuta Zuria, 2017), “Lilibet Circus Child” (Dvorit Shargal, 2017) and “Web Junky” (Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia, 2014).  His sensitivity, creativity, and patience made him a perfect partner on this project.

Adam Weingrod


Adam Weingrod is an accomplished Jazz musician and composer based in Israel. He has a B.A. from the Jazz Dept. of the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance.  He is currently composing and recording various film scores for new films shown in International Festivals and on prime time television. In addition he continues to compose, play and tour with Katamon Cherry a modern Jazz band.

Weingrod is also an award winning Documentary filmmaker,  a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Film Dept. MFA program.  His prize winning film “The Island” explores life in a hospice for the terminally ill in Jerusalem.

Fernanda Rossi


Based in New York for the past 25 years, Fernanda Rossi is a screenwriter, film theorist and international speaker. She has collaborated in over 500 fiction and documentary projects, two nominated for the Academy Awards, a nomination for Best Script at the Panda Awards, an a fiction film awarded Best Script, Premio Argentores. She has lectured for 40 film festivals, markets and organizations in 15 countries, such as HotDocs, Sheffield Doc/Fest and DOCNYC. In addition to having written articles for all major trade magazines, she is the author of Trailer Mechanics: How to Make Your Fundraising Demo.  She has collaborated with Weiman-Kelman on her last four films.

Eran Muskatel


Eran Muskatel is an Israeli Visual and VFX Artist, Motion Graphics Designer & Animator. Graduate from the Betzalel Academy of Art & Design Jerusalem. Founder of the EMU-Visual Design studio working on various Art, Film and TV projects.

Ronen Nagel


Established by senior sound designer Ronen Nagel, Sound Around is one of Israel’s most respected audio post-production studios. Ronen has been operating for over 20 years in the post-production audio field and has worked on a variety of projects from full-length feature films and high-end television productions down to supporting emerging film-makers with their independent student shorts.

Nati Taub


Nati Taub is a sound editor based in Tel Aviv, with over ten years experience in the field. He specializes in creating the sound backdrop for TV, cinema, documentaries and video art.


Josh Treadaway is a New York based commercial photographer. 

Jerry Risius is an award winning Cinematographer.


Judy Karp is an award winning sound recordist.